Torturer may not face trial

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THE DISCOVERY in Cambodia of one of the former Khmer Rouge government's most infamous torturers is putting further pressure on the authorities to bring to trial those accused of genocide.

Not a single member of the "Killing Fields" regime hasfaced trial since it was overthrown by Vietnam in 1979.

Yesterday the Hong Kong based Far Eastern Economic Review magazine published an interview with Kang Kek Ieu, 56, better known as "Duch,"who was the director of the Tuol Sleng detention centre where at least 16,000 people were tortured.

In the interview he says he is remorseful about his past, has converted to Christianity and is ready to stand trial. The authorities have indicated that they will take action but are in no hurry to do so.

Vann Nath, 53, one of seven survivors of Tuol Sleng, said he lived in terror of the chain-smoking Duch. "He was the most powerful man there, I was scared to see his face. Every day I heard people screaming when Duch's men tortured them," he said.