Tracie Andrews trial told of holes in story

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The jury in the trial of Tracie Andrews, accused of the murder of her boyfriend, Lee Harvey, yesterday heard a neighbour tell how Andrews had been unable to give any details of the car belonging to the man she claims committed the murder.

Susan Duncan, a local resident (pictured), told the court: "She was covered in blood, it was all over her face, all over her hair, and all down her top... What she was saying to me sounded just very disjointed at that time. I asked more questions. I asked her about the other vehicle, I asked her if she had seen the colour of the vehicle. She said 'no'."

"I asked her if she has seen the make of the car and she said 'no'.

"I asked her if she had seen any part of the registration number - a letter or a number - and she said 'no'."

The court also heard a nine-year-old girl tell police that she had heard two people arguing outside a house beside the murder scene.

The child, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, said in a videotaped interview that she believed the two voices belonged to a man and a woman.

The little girl was staying in Coopers Hill in Worcestershire, on 1 December last year, the night Mr Harvey died from more than 30 stab wounds.

"I woke up. I heard some people talking outside. It sounded like two people and there was definitely a man.

"He was shouting and it sounded as if they were arguing," she said.

She added: "I didn't hear what they said but they were definitely having an argument. I didn't hear the other voice because it was softer than the man's voice."

Andrews, 28, of The Becks, Alvechurch, Worcestershire, denies murdering Mr Harvey.

The prosecution claims that she launched a vicious attack on him as they drove home from a pub.

But Andrews told police that they had been chased along country lanes by another vehicle and that Mr Harvey was murdered by a man who was passenger of the mystery vehicle.