UK weather: Is there a polar vortex coming that will cause months of heavy snow in UK?

No, probably not

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Is there a polar vortex heading towards the UK and obliterating everything in its path with snow and ice?

No, probably not.

Although there are some signs that the British weather may be about to take a slight dip temperature-wise, as a front from Russia rolls across our shores, it is nothing we haven’t been expecting after an unseasonably mild October.

Forecasters at the Met Office have confirmed that we are unlikely to experience a winter wonderland, despite what some media reports might indicate.

In a statement a spokesperson said: “Our latest three-month outlook suggests an increased risk of milder and wetter than average conditions for the period November-December-January based on our seasonal forecasts and those from other leading centres around the world.


“However, there are still substantial probabilities that either average or cool/dry conditions may occur.

“This is because there are many competing factors that determine what our weather will be like in the coming months.”

There is still some hope for a white winter. UK Weather forecasters are predicting that the coming months will be the opposite of last Christmas – which saw the British isles besieged by storms – and will instead experience “blocking patterns”.

They are predicting a “colder and drier than average winter”.

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But still, it’s no polar vortex.