24 hours in London - seen through a GoPro

Just a small dose of all the things you could do in one day - shown in just one minute

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The plan was fairly simple: give a GoPro to some of the capital's most prolific figures on Instagram and help provide an insight into the many facets of London life.

YPlan's project with GoPro resulted in 100 hours of footage, as well as clocking up 625 miles worth of travelling to compile the ultimate snapshot of the big smoke.

The team have provided a brief, one-minute look into what can be sampled in the capital on any given day: a journey along the river, a trip up the ArcelorMittal Orbit, dancing in the Oval Space and a performance by the Moscow State Circus.

Watch the video below:

Some of the photographers the project utilised are: @tschang, @mervinkaye, @alanisko and @ghostedout.