Airline passenger 'so drunk he didn't know what country he was in' jailed for sexual assault on cabin crew

The 34-year-old passenger was so drunk he did not even know what country he was in

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A man has been jailed after pleading guilty to sexual assault, threatening and abusive behaviour, assault and being drunk whilst on a plane between Glasgow and Turkey.

The plane had to divert to Gatwick and bet met by police because of the disruptive behaviour of the passenger, 34-year-old Andrew Tosh.

Mr Tosh sexually assaulted a female member of the cabin crew whilst swearing and acting aggressive with other passengers on the Turkey-bound aircraft.

The video, filmed on police body cameras, shows Mr Tosh continuing to be rude and aggressive as he is carried off the flight by the officers.

He is placed in a police van, where he seems confused about what country he is in, seemingly thinking that he had already landed in the intended destination of Turkey. "You're in Gatwick," an officer tells Mr Tosh.

Mr Tosh replies, "I’m not in Gatwick! Shut up! F*** off, shut up!"

Police eventually have to place a hood over Mr Tosh's head to stop him from spitting at officers.

Mr Tosh, from Dundee, pleaded guilty at Lewes Crown Court on 11 June and was jailed for nine months. He was also put on the sex offender register.

Sussex Police says it is working more closely with airlines, shops and bars at Gatwick to make sure potential troublemakers are apprehended before they board flights.

Operation Disrupt is running throughout the summer, with staff at check-in desks handing out leaflets telling passengers they could be barred from flying and even arrested if they get drunk and misbehave.

Chief Inspector Andy Kundert said: "Our aim is to prevent trouble happening by spotting the likely offenders early and dealing with them. We aim to make it very clear to people exactly what will happen to them if they get drunk.

"It has to be remembered that the number of passengers who cause a problem at Gatwick is a tiny proportion, particularly when you consider 3 million passengers per month fly from or to Gatwick, but there are few things worse when you are flying than having a drunken and abusive person nearby for hours."

Video courtesy of Sussex Police.