Banker tells of his wife's kidnap ordeal

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A BANK manager whose wife was kidnapped by a bogus policeman for a pounds 40,000 ransom, told yesterday of their 'frightening and traumatic' ordeal.

Elizabeth Kerr, left bruised and shocked after spending four hours bound and gagged in the boot of the kidnapper's car, was still deeply distressed yesterday as she relived her experience for detectives at the couple's house in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire.

Mr Kerr, 37, who manages a Barclays Bank in Greater Manchester, appealed in a statement issued through police for help in catching the kidnapper. 'As you would appreciate, both myself and my wife have been through a frightening and traumatic ordeal,' he said.

'My only concern throughout the whole of this incident has been for the safety of my wife, and I am obviously very happy and relieved that she has been returned relatively unscathed physically - although the mental scars will take longer to heal.'

Mrs Kerr, also 37, left home with the 'policeman' on Friday morning after he told her that Mr Kerr had been in a road accident. Police say the kidnapper was very tall with ginger hair and staring blue eyes.