Battle of Waterloo anniversary: The story of Napolean's defeat in numbers

Essential facts about the historic battle, in which Britain and her allies defeated France, on 18 June, 1815

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Today is the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo.

The bicentennial has been marked by a memorial – Britain's first – at Waterloo station in London, to commemorate the soldiers who died.

5,000: The number of Napoleon's troops that advanced on Hougoumont, Wellington's most well-defended garrison.

Alan Larsen as the Duke of Wellington


12.30PM:Time at which the French broke through the gates; the British forced the gates shut trapping 40 French soldiers inside.

Lady Butler’s painting Scotland Forever! – the Greys actually advanced at the trot because of the broken ground (Alamy)

68,000: Number of Anglo-Allied troops (including German, Belgian and Dutch units) led by the Duke of Wellington.

A woman dusts the frame of a painting of Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington by Thomas Lawrence

72,000: Number of French troops led by Napoleon Bonaparte.

Napoleon Bonaparte


13,700: Anglo-Allied soldiers killed.

Men dressed as soldiers from the Grenadier Company during the Waterloo Campaign ride a escalator at Waterloo Station in London.


24,000: French soldiers killed.

Horror and heroism: French cuirassiers charging a British square during the Battle of Waterloo


5,600: Prussian soldiers killed.



6: Members of the so-called 'Seventh Coalition' that defeated France at Waterloo. The belligerents were Britain, the Netherlands, Hanover, Nassau, Brunswick and Prussia.