Plastic bags: Twitter reacts to the new 5p charge

People have taken to Twitter to share their opinions on the new 5p plastic bag charge 

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From today customers will have to pay 5p if they want a plastic bag when they go shopping.

In a bid to reduce the 7.6 million bags handed out each year, large retailers will have to start charging for bags – which has predictably prompted Twitter users to share their opinions on the matter. 

All you need to know about the 5p plastic bag charge

England is the last country in the UK to bring in the fee, with Scotland bringing in the change last year and Wales charging for bags since 2011. 

The Treasury is set to make an estimated £19m in income from the VAT of the bags, with the rest of the money going back to retailers who can donate to charity at their own discretion. 

Some found the humour in the new fee:

While some struggled to find the funny side...

Some users looked to alternatives to plastic bags:

And others just took the opportunity to make some jokes:

What do Mancunians think of 5p bags?