Bomb case man 'wept over shot policeman'

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ONE OF the men accused of being part of an IRA gang that blew up a Warrington gas depot and then shot a policeman three times wept and constantly asked about the condition of the officer after his arrest, an Old Bailey court was told yesterday, writes Ian MacKinnon.

But Denis Kinsella, 27, who was also alleged to have held a pistol at the head of kidnapped motorist during a police chase, blamed another member of the team for shooting the officer, the jury heard.

Mr Kinsella, of Nottingham, and Pairic MacFhloinn, 40, from Dublin, deny attempted murder, causing an explosion, kidnap, and possessing a firearm. John Kinsella, 49, also from Nottingham and Denis Kin sella's uncle, denies possessing explosives. The prosecution alleges that Denis Kinsella and Mr MacFhloinn planted three bombs that blew up one of the gasometers last February. The court was told that as the pair left with another man, named as Michael Timmins - who was never captured - their Mazda van was stopped by police for a routine check. Constable Mark Toker, 25, was allegedly shot by Mr MacFlhoinn.

Later that night, Mr MacFlhoinn was caught by a police dog as he tried to run away, while Denis Kinsella was found in a ditch.

Yesterday, Constable Geoffrey Halliwell, an officer assigned to supervise Denis Kinsella as he awaited interview, told the jury that the prisoner cried and asked about PC Toker's condition.

The trial continues today.