Britain's rainiest cities revealed – and it's good news for Londoners

Despite Manchester's 'rainy city' moniker, it doesn't take the top spot

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Britain has long been stigmatised as a rainy nation, but which cities in our green and sodden land are actually the rainiest?

Data from the Met Office, compiled by the good folk at the Manchester Evening News, has given us an answer at last – indulging our thoroughly British obsession with the weather.

Despite being known as the “rainy city”, Manchester comes in eighth for the average amount of rainfall per year (in centimetres) it experiences with 86.71cm.

It is one of six northern towns in the UK to feature in the top 10, with 37 of our nation’s great cities listed in the survey.

Topping the table is the Welsh capital of Cardiff  with 115.19cm while London sits at the bottom with less than half that much at 55.74cm, making it the driest city in the UK.

For the full top ten, click through the gallery below.

The data covers climate in the cities over 30 a year period from 1981. Filtering it by the number of days per year with rain, on average, produces a slightly different set of results.

By this measure, Glasgow is the rainiest city in the UK with rainfall experienced almost half the year – a miserable 170.3 days.

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Ipswich sits bottom with 106.9 rainy days, with London close by at 109.4 days.