Cookie Monster appears on Newsnight

Blue biscuit-based star joined programme from Westminster to promote new show

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The flagship BBC news show known for its robust interviewing style and adamant analysis of current affairs may have met its match in .. the Cookie Monster.

The Sesame Street stalwart, famous as much for his blue hue as for his love of sweet carbohydrate snacks, was introduced by a poker-faced Emily Maitlis on Newsnight.

The biscuit-based muppet made the appearance to promote his new show with Elmo on the BBC, which will feature “mostly” on Cbeebies.

Maitlis blindsided him with a number of questions about the move, announcing that the show were “fortunate enough to be joined by him from their BBC Westminster studio.”

Despite his swivel-eyes and muppet heritage, it was not clear whether or not he had come straight from Parliament

Following the broadcast she tweeted: "You slog and you slog- Afghanistan, social , banking crisis, press freedom - and all people actually wanted was the cookie monster."