Bahl's website is shut down

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The website set up by Kamlesh Bahl to criticise the Law Society after she resigned as its vice-president has been shut down after a complaint that it contained defamatory comments.

Ms Bahl posted a statement on her site that was based on a legal opinion written by her barrister, Cherie Booth QC, who concluded that the Law Society's investigation into bullying allegations against Ms Bahl was open to legal challenge.

Ms Bahl said in her website statement that she was denied the opportunity to put her case or allowed to appeal against the findings by Lord Griffiths, who upheld five Law Society staff complaints of bullying against her. Rhian Ball, of Concentric Network, which runs the internet service provider, Freenetname, confirmed that it had pulled the Bahl site in response to a complaint. Ms Ball added that it had acted on legal advice.