Boy faces life for murder after conkers row

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A boy of 15 is facing a life sentence after being found guilty yesterday of murdering a student who was stabbed in a row over conkers.

Steven Grisales was knifed through the heart after he went to talk to some youths who had been throwing conkers which were still in their spiky casings.

The 21-year-old architecture student died the day after the attack in August 2011, in Edmonton, north London, the Old Bailey heard. His killer, who is too young to be identified, will be sentenced in June.

Steven's mother, Jasmid, said in a statement: "Steven was always loved by every person who had the privilege of knowing him."

After the verdict, Detective Inspector Richard Beadle, said: "Steven did no more than stand up to unruly youths and for that he has lost his life. But for the courageous intervention of a local resident, I am convinced the attack would have continued. The defendant's arrogance and contempt for others belies his age."

The accused blamed another boy for the stabbing but was identified on CCTV from his clothing.