Boy 'stabbed suspected paedophile after he grabbed girl'

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A teenage boy told the Old Bailey today that he stabbed a suspected paedophile to death after the man grabbed a schoolgirl round the neck.

The boy and girl, who were both 14 at the time, had gone to Robert Daley's flat in Brixton, south London, after prosecutors dropped a sex abuse case against him.

Within minutes he had been stabbed five times in the side in his kitchen.

The teenagers, now both 15 and who cannot be identified because of their age, deny murdering Mr Daley, 45, in April.

The youth told the court the girl went into the kitchen with Mr Daley and a few minutes later, he heard "choking and grappling sounds".

The youth said: "I saw him pinning her to the worktop. He had his left hand on her throat and his right hand was trying to touch her.

"She was trying to get his hand off her throat and also trying to keep him from touching her."

He said a struggle broke out as he tried to pull the girl away and was hit in the face.

He allegedly saw Mr Daley reaching for a knife - and grabbed one himself for protection.

"I knew he went to get a knife. I looked round for what I could use as a weapon. I got scared because of all the stories he had told me.

"In the kitchen sink I found a black-handled knife. I assumed he was going to get one and stab us.

"I told him to stop screaming at me. He was not paying any attention.

"His hand was close to the knife - that's when I poked him."

The youth said he continued to "poke" Mr Daley until he managed to free the girl.

The trial was adjourned to tomorrow.