British Gas apologises after 'giving rape victim’s address to her attacker'

The woman claims the man turned up at her new address and beat her up

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An alleged rape victim claims she was beaten up by the man she has accused of raping her after British Gas accidentally sent her new address to him.

The woman says she was attacked by her ex-boyfriend after the energy company sent details of her new home to her old address - where the man still lived. 

The 42-year-old woman, who has three children and cannot be named for legal reasons, claims the man punched her to the ground and repeatedly kicked her after arriving at the flat she now shares with her daughter.  

She moved to the flat last October after accusing her former partner of raping her following 28 years of alleged abuse.

The woman claims the man treatened to kill her if she reported the attack, according to the Sun on Sunday.

The woman told the Sun: 'Luckily I wasn't seriously injured but I've had to move again.”

She added: “You trust companies like that with your details but this mistake could cost me my life.”

A spokesman for British Gas said: “We have apologised unreservedly for the mistake we made in sending correspondence to the wrong address.”

“We put this right as soon as we became aware of it and have been doing everything we can to help the customer.“

Essex Police say they are investigating reports of an attack. The rape allegations were not pursued last year because of a lack of witnesses.