Cambridge man arrested over Christmas leaflets claiming homosexuals are 'like vampires'

Leaflets claimed gay people 'conspire to create more of their own kind' 

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A man has been arrested after ‘Christmas’ leaflets claiming homosexuals are “like vampires” were distributed in Cambridge.

Religious leaflets entitled ‘Christmas, Christ and AntiChrist’ were delivered in Cambridge and across the county last week, Pink News reports.

The leaflet claimed: “Homosexuals, [are] like vampires".

It went on to condemn the “pale, pathetic world of lesbianism”, which it said “de-feminises women and makes demonic mockery of true womanhood, embodied in the Blessed Virgin Mary”.

Cambridge Police confirmed 53-year-old Damon Kelly from Corby, Northamptonshire has been arrested on suspicion of a Section 5 public order offence (religious/racial) and bailed until 20 January.

Pink News said they received a hand written letter from a man who identified himself as ‘Brother Damon Jonah Kelly’, who branded the site as “the enemy” and “the disciples of the Devil”.

In a similar incident, leaflets claiming transgender people should be exorcised because they are "possessed by demons" were distributed in the Mill Road area of Cambridge October. 

A resident reported seeing a “man in a cape” wearing a “hooded robe thing” distributing those particular pamphlets.