Cannibal Cop trial: British nurse arrested in hunt for ex-NYPD officer Gilberto Valle's UK 'mentor' who boasted of eating women alive

Online contact in Britain - known as Moody Blues or meatmarketman - gave Valle advice on not getting caught by police, including references to Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe

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A nurse is reportedly among two people from Canterbury arrested as part of an investigation looking for British links to a former New York police officer's alleged plan to kill, cook and eat over 100 women.

Dale Bolinger, who works at a hospital in Kent, was arrested at his home, together with another man, according to The Telegraph. Their arrests followed a tip-off from US police investigating 'Cannibal Cop' Gilberto Valle, who is currently in court in New York on charges of conspiracy to kidnap and improper use of a federal database system.

In court earlier this week, FBI agent Corey Walsh read out a string of graphic messages apparently between the former NYPD officer and a British man using the email address ‘meatmarketman’ and screen name ‘Moody Blues’.

Moody Blues reportedly urged Valle to eat women alive after boasting "I think of it as eating her to her death," and said that he himself had eaten two women in the past, describing the flesh as "very meaty". He also said that he eaten both a black and a white person and claimed to have a recipe for 'haggis' using human offal.

Valle, 28, met Moody Blues on an extreme sex fetish website last year, where Moody Blues offered to fly to New York to help Valle, using anaesthetic gas to help render victims unconscious.

During their online conversations, Moody Blues also gave advice to Valle about choosing specific types of women in an attempt to avoid detection by police, and at times made reference to Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe.

He wrote: “They won’t be expecting it if we choose different girl types. The main reason the Yorkshire Ripper got caught is he stuck to the same type. Don’t follow the same pattern. Patterns is what they look for. Anyway, girls go missing all the time.”

Bolinger, 57, was reportedly arrested last week alongside an unnamed 30-year-old man on suspicion of conspiracy offences, grooming and possessing images of child abuse, and both are currently on bail.

According to The Telegraph, Bolinger qualified as a nurse in 1979 and is married to Rosemary Bolinger, who until last October was a trustee of the cerebral palsy charity scope. When approached by reporters Mrs Bolinger, 55, insisted the two were separated and had not seen him in over a year.

The former nurse told journalists outside her home yesterday: “I don’t know anything about the arrest. He is my husband in law only.”

The couple are believed to have two children, Rick, 30 and Laura-Jane, 26.

Bolinger has been suspended from East Kent Hospitals University NHS Trust following his arrest. He refused to speak to journalists when approached at his rented home in Canterbury.

A Kent Police spokesman said: "Two men aged 57 and 30 from the Canterbury area were arrested on Feb 21 for conspiracy offences,grooming and the possession of child abuse images. The two men are currently on police bail while inquiries continue. The Kent Police have been in touch with law enforcement authorities in the United States in relation to this investigation."

According to Valle, who was arrested after his wife began monitoring his online behaviour and discovered conversations in which he discussed killing her and other female acquaintances, says the plans were mere fantasy and that he had no intention of carrying any of them out.

The court heard this week that he had told online contacts he was 'dying to taste some girl meat' and wanted to roast a dead woman on a spit along with co-conspirators.

He denies all charges.