Cardiff dog attack: Police appeal for help finding owner of 'pit bull' which mauled woman and killed her puppy

Elaine Seaborne, 67, was forced to the ground and suffered serious bite injuries

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Police have issued an appeal after a vicious dog attack on Saturday afternoon saw a 67-year-old woman badly injured and her 20-week-old puppy killed.

Elaine Seaborne told Wales Online how she was walking her small Jack Russell terrier Jessie through Victoria Park in Cardiff at around 2.15pm when they were confronted by a large “pit bull type” dog.

Ms Seaborne said the dog, which was apparently without its owner, seemed friendly at first. The “pit bull” suddenly attacked Jessie, and when Ms Seaborne tried to intervene she was dragged to the ground and bitten multiple times on the hand and arm.

“All of a sudden there was a very loud bark,” she told the website. “I saw the dog on its own. It was wagging its tail – it looked playful and friendly at first.

“Out of nowhere it just attacked, and it was horrific. It forced me to the ground and I screamed for help. Then someone shouted and it backed off.”

Jessie died from the injuries sustained in the attack, and Ms Seaborne was taken to the University Hospital of Wales, where she received antibiotics and tetanus shots for wounds on her right arm.

“My priority now is to see the dog put down,” she said.

Police said the 20 acre park is popular with families as well as dog walkers, and the attack at the weekend occurred at a busy time a short distance away from a children’s play area.

South Wales Police said the dog responsible for the attack had been seized - although officers were still trying to trace its owner.

A spokesman said: “We arrived at the park in response to a call involving a nasty dog bite.

“Upon arrival, officers found that a woman had sustained serious injuries to her forearms. She required treatment in hospital after being attacked by a dog that had attacked and killed her own dog in the park.

Police said they have already taken a number of statements from shocked eyewitnesses, but still want members of the public to come forward with information.

“The dog responsible has been seized by police officers however the owner is yet to be identified,” the spokesman added.

“The dog seized by police is described as being of a pit bull type appearance and is a distinctive blue-grey in colour.

“We are asking the owner of this dog – or anyone who knows who the owner is – to get in touch.”

South Wales Police said people with information about the attack could contact them on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111, quoting occurrence number 62130368937.