Child abuse inquiry must 'investigate historic murders of men with child abuse evidence'

John Mann MP calls for more resources

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The murders of two potential whistleblowers into child abuse 30 years ago must be part of the police investigation into sex rings, a Labour MP has said.

John Mann, who has named 22 politicians as suspected child sex abusers, has called for extra police resources to look into the killings.

His intervention came as Theresa May’s handling of the stalled inquiry came under renewed attack. Labour MP Simon Danzcuk said the Home Office’s conduct had been so inept that it fuelled suspicions of an establishment cover-up.

Mr Mann, who has also disclosed to police information about three serving MPs and three members of the House of Lords, said he had asked officers to investigate two suspicious deaths amid continuing claims of a cover-up.

Bulic Forsythe, a civil servant at Lambeth Council, was beaten to death at his flat in 1993 after reportedly telling a colleague he knew about a sex ring operating at children’s homes. Police said documents had gone missing from his home. The case featured on a Crimewatch reconstruction, in which police appealed for help in tracking down three smartly dressed men who left the flat the day after the murder. The case remains unsolved.

Mr Mann, the MP for Bassetlaw, said he had also asked police to investigate the reported murder of a caretaker a couple of years earlier, who was said to have obtained videos of child sex “parties”.

Mr Mann said he was first told more than 25 years ago about the caretaker’s death in an arson attack. Police have spoken to his source to try to establish the dead man’s identity and the circumstances surrounding the story.

“Both of them were people who were blowing the whistle on child abuse, for whatever reason, and were suspicious deaths,” said Mr Mann.

A panel to investigate sex abuse claims was set up by Ms May six months ago, but two chairs have been forced to resign and the chances of it reporting before the election appear non-existent. The Home Secretary has now said the panel could be disbanded.