Daughter of footballer Antoine Sibierski hanged herself

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The teenage daughter of former Premier League star Antoine Sibierski hanged herself after drinking champagne and taking the recently banned drug mephedrone, an inquest heard today.

Sibylle Sibierski, 18, was described as a regular user of the drug, which was made illegal in April this year after its link to a number of deaths.

Stockport Coroner's Court heard that Miss Sibierski, a student who liked to party and smoke cannabis, was also deeply insecure and "paranoid".

She had rowed with her boyfriend the night before she died and police had to be called and arrested her.

The inquest also heard that users of mephedrone, also known as Miaow Miaow or Bubbles, often suffer low moods after taking the drug and it affects their ability to think about the consequences of their actions.

Her French father held her mother's hand as she wept during the proceedings.

Friends told the court of the teenager's regular use of mephedrone which she bought, then legally, for £25 a gram every weekend from a "herbal shop" near her home in Altrincham, Cheshire.

Miss Sibierski was found hanged when police broke into her flat on February 1 this year after friends and family were unable to contact her.

Joanne Kearsley, Deputy Coroner for South Manchester, recorded a narrative verdict following the two-hour hearing.

Addressing Miss Sibierski's parents, she said: "Your daughter was clearly a very popular and outgoing and much-loved daughter and was a young woman in the prime of her life.

"I suspect this may have been an impulsive act, perhaps driven by her low mood.

"On the 1st of February 2010, the deceased was found hanging and her state of mind may have been affected by her use of mephedrone and alcohol."

Ms Kearsley said she was not satisfied there was enough evidence to suggest Miss Sibierski intended to take her own life.

She pointed to the evidence given by Julie Evans, a consultant toxicologist, who said levels of the drug found in Miss Sibierski's body were not high enough to have killed her by overdose but would have affected her mental state.

The coroner added: "We have heard the evidence of Dr Evans, particularly of the potential of mephedrone, particularly in what she describes as the 'come down' period, of hearing about the low moods and perhaps suicidal thoughts that can occur and evidence from Sibylle's friends that some days they could witness her low moods."