Dizaei reinstated and then suspended as police saga goes on

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Ali Dizaei, the former Metropolitan Police commander who was jailed for corruption, has been given his job back at Scotland Yard – and was immediately suspended.

A secret meeting between members of a Metropolitan Police Authority sub-committee on Thursday night concluded it had no option but to reinstate Mr Dizaei, 49, once Britain's highest-ranking Asian police officer. At a further meeting yesterday it was decided to suspend him on full pay while he awaits a retrial.

In February last year, he was sacked from his £90,000-a-year job after being convicted and jailed for four years for falsely arresting a man and then fabricating a claim of assault against him. He was released following an appeal in May, and now faces a retrial, expected to take place early next year, accused of misconduct in a public office and perverting the course of justice.

"I am delighted to be reinstated. I have always wanted to be a Met Police officer and now vow to clear my name," he said. He is considering challenging his latest suspension.

Mr Dizaei was released after the Court of Appeal heard new evidence regarding the principal witness, an Iraqi businessman who had designed a website for the officer.

Lord Justice Hughes and two other judges said they had been "driven to the conclusion" that his conviction "cannot be regarded as safe". PSB Law, which represents Mr Dizaei, confirmed his reinstatement, saying: "Commander Dizaei has always maintained that his previous dismissal from the Metropolitan Police Force pending his criminal appeal was in haste and unfair.

"Commander Dizaei has ongoing proceedings in the Employment Tribunal against the Metropolitan Police Authority and a number of senior individuals in that organisation relating to the way in which he has been treated over a substantial period of time."

His second trial, next year, follows an Independent Police Complaints Commission investigation into an incident outside a London restaurant and allegations of falsely claiming in written statements that he was a victim of an unprovoked assault. Mr Dizaei pleaded not guilty at a court hearing in June.

Law and disorder

*1986 Joins Thames Valley Police.

*1999 Transfers to the Met. In August, an anti-corruption inquiry is launched.

*2001 Suspended for allegations including drug use, visiting prostitutes, accepting bribes, and abusing his status.

*2003 Acquitted of charges including misconduct. Later awarded £60,000, and reinstated as chief superintendent.

*2004 Inquiry finds investigation into Dizaei "unfocused and disproportionate".

*2007 Publishes book Not One of Us, critical of the Met.

*2008 Promoted to commander. Suspended after corruption allegations.

*2010 Jailed for four years for misconduct and perverting the course of justice.

*2011 Wins appeal against a conviction and is released. Court of Appeal rules he should face a new trial next year.