DNA probe snares man over 1992 rape

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A man has been sentenced to 10 years in prison after being found guilty of raping a woman 18 years ago, police said today.

Samuel Scott, from London, was convicted of raping a woman, then aged 27, in the Bournemouth area in 1992, Dorset Police said.

Scott, 50, was charged with rape following a cold case review of the crime which began last year. He stood trial at Bournemouth Crown Court.

The court heard today how Scott broke into the victim's Bournemouth home, threatened her with a sharp object and then raped her.

Despite a thorough investigation in 1992, police were unable to prosecute anyone at the time.

In January 2009, Dorset Police's Major Crime Investigation Team and the Forensic Science Service began a review of the case.

As part of this review, DNA samples were re-examined and experts were able to obtain a full profile of the suspect.

This profile was loaded onto the national DNA database and Scott was identified.

Judge John Harrow sentenced Scott to ten years in prison at Bournemouth Crown Court today, police said.

Detective Inspector Jez Noyce, of Dorset Police's Major Crime Investigation Team, said: "Due to modern advances in DNA technology, we have been able to solve this truly horrific crime and bring the offender to justice.

"The chances of the DNA profile matching anyone other than Samuel Scott is around one in a billion.

"I would like to pay tribute to the bravery of the victim, who had to relive her traumatic experience in a court all of these years later. I hope that this conviction will in some way bring closure for her.

"I am also grateful to those witnesses who were involved in the original 1992 investigation and who have now helped us with our inquiries many years later. Some of these witnesses attended court to recall an incident that occurred over 17 years ago.

"Finally, I would like to acknowledge the hard work by all of the officers who worked on this investigation, whose professionalism and dedication led to today's result at Bournemouth Crown Court."