Drunk driver Martin Cantrill banned from driving after he crashed on a dual carriageway and kept going

Despite smashing into the central reservation and spinning his car, Cantrill kept driving

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A drunk driver who kept driving after crashing and spinning his car on a dual carriageway has been given a suspended sentence and banned from driving for three years.

Martin Cantrill was convicted at Northampton Crown Court for the incident which occurred in September last year.

Footage of the crash was captured by another driver, Tom Cafferty, who reported Cantrill to the police and uploaded the footage to YouTube.

It shows Cantrill's car quickly overtaking him on the A14 near Kettering.

His white car cuts across Mr Cafferty's car, and smashes into the central reservation, before spinning all the way around and colliding with it again. The car then rolls across the dual carriageway and onto a grassy bank at the side of the road.

Amazingly, Cantrill then drives back onto the road, driving erratically in his lane, while Mr Cafferty records at a distance.

Around two minutes later, further up the road, Cantrill's car slows down while in the right-hand lane, and suddenly drifts across the road onto the hard shoulder, narrowly missing being rear-ended by a lorry.

Police found Cantrill in his car in a layby two hours after the incident.

Cantrill, from Telford, was given 10 months in prison suspended for 12 months, and was disqualified from driving for three years by Judge Timothy Smith.