Gerry Adams receives 'credible' death threat as Sinn Fein leader is released after Joan McConville murder arrest


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Gerry Adams has been warned of a “credible” death threat, Sinn Fein said on Monday.

The party blamed those opposed to the peace process for the message, which it said was passed by police to Mr Adams’ wife while he was not at home. Mr Adams, 65, was released from Antrim police station on Sunday evening, pending a report being sent to prosecutors.  That followed four days of questioning about the notorious 1972 killing of mother-of-10 Jean McConville and other alleged links with the IRA.

Mr Adams has vehemently rejected allegations made by former republican colleagues that he ordered the abduction and killing of Mrs McConville. The decision whether to charge him with any offence will be made by the Public Prosecution Service at a later date after a review of the evidence presented by police.

Meanwhile, a son of Mrs McConville has said Mr Adams previously threatened him with a “backlash” if he released the names of those he believed were responsible.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “I took it as a threat.”