Girl has little finger completely sliced off as she tries to climb fence into illegal rave

'It was caught in between the three metal spikes. It was awful'

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A teenage girl had her little finger sliced off and lodged in a metal fence as she tried to get into an illegal warehouse rave.

The rave in Charlton in south-east London was packed with thousands of teenagers and police had reportedly decided not to close it down but block any further access.

According to witnesses, the girl was one of 200 teenagers trying to scale a metal fence surrounding the warehouse which organisers had boasted would have thousands raving inside.

Twitter user jscmatilda captured the girls finger.

One of the teenagers, Amber, said she heard a scream as the girl climbing over the top of the fence with her let go and her finger was "swiped off".

"It was caught in between the three metal spikes. It was awful. People said it was like a horror movie. One boy was sick," she told the Evening Standard.

Another witness said the group had tried to help the girl, who appeared to be alone and without friends, search for her finger for about ten minutes before realising it was stuck on the fence.

The rave was reportedly organised by Big Vibes, which describes itself as running "big (strictly 16+) underground parties for all you true ravers".

They are being traced by Metropolitan Police, who also confirmed they gave first aid to the girl at the unlicensed event. Though no arrests have yet been made, they are making enquiries into those responsible.

The Independent has tried to contact them for comment.