Girlfriend charged with murder after claiming dog shot boyfriend

Tyaina Finch told police gun went off after she spotted it in dog’s mouth – but later changed her story

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A woman who told police that her dog shot her off-duty officer boyfriend has been charged with his murder.

Tyaina Finch, 27, originally told police that the gun had gone off accidentally as she tried to wrestle it from her dog’s mouth.

Her partner, Mark Hudson, 26, was killed in the incident in his own home in Philadelphia.

Authorities say that he was trying to break up with Tyaina at the time, reports local news channel 6ABC.

She later changed her story, claiming that she’d used the gun against him in self-defence.

Hudson, who had worked as a police officer for four years, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Yesterday, around 1,000 people turned out to pay respects for the officer, who had served his Darby Borough community since joining the fire service aged 16, before signing up to the force.


She was also charged with aggravated assault after allegedly threatening boyfriend Mark Hudson with a knife last summer.

District Attorney Jack Whelan described the couple's relationship as 'tumultuous' and Finch's statements to police as 'inconsistent', reports The Mirror.

He said: 'We believe she acted on this particular day with specific intent to kill.'