High streets already hit by slump now face £140m extra losses

Retailers have already lost £80m from lost business; they also face bills of £43.5m for repairs and £17.4m for looted stock

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Britain's shops, pubs and restaurants are feeling the pain of the continued rioting, with the tourist industry and sporting events also adversely affected.

More than one in 10 retail and leisure businesses have been hit by four nights of disturbances and looting, with retailers and insurers facing a bill of more than £140m from lost revenues and repairs.

The Local Data Company said that 48,404 shops, pubs, restaurants and clubs have suffered directly or indirectly in the 28 town centres affected by the disorder, or 10 per cent. Of these, independent outlets were hit particularly hard. Matthew Hopkinson, a director at the company, said: "These figures are horrifying in terms of the damage that has been done to an already struggling [retail] sector."

The figures reflects the fact that the widespread looting and burning of business premises in London over the weekend and on Monday spread to cities including Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Bristol by Tuesday night. JD Sports, which has been heavily targeted by looters, has estimated the disturbances will probably cost it in excess of £10m.

In a separate survey, four nights of rioting have left retailers facing a bill of just under £141m, according to the Centre for Retail Research. Its research, on behalf of Kelkoo, estimates that retailers have already lost £80m resulting from them closing stores early or shoppers steering clear of troubled areas.

In addition, shopkeepers and insurers face a £17.4m cost from looted stock and repairs of £43.5m over the four days.

For the UK tourist industry, the CRR said 330,000 holidaymakers could choose alternative destinations after seeing the violent images, resulting in £520m of lost revenue in the next 12 months.

The British tourist authority Visit Britain pulled an advert running alongside BBC iPlayer programmes overseas which tells potential foreign tourists: "You're invited". A spokesman said the organisation felt they were not "appropriate at this time".

The Metropolitan Police, Premier League and Football League said they would make a decision today on the nine league matches due to be played in the capital this week. A joint statement from the Premier League and Football League reads: "We're in talks with our London clubs, the police and authorities. A further statement will be made after the situation is reviewed."

The Notting Hill Carnival also hangs in the balance. "A decision has not been made yet about whether it will go ahead," said a spokesperson for the Notting Hill Carnival Trust Ltd.