Horror as burglars scatter baby's ashes

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A mother today described her anguish after three teenage burglars played catch with the ashes of her miscarried child before scattering them around her home.

Jenni Weaver, 35, said the 14-year-olds broke into her house in Bridlington, East Yorkshire, and messed about with the box containing the remains before scattering them.

She told the Hull Daily Mail she miscarried a baby girl when she was 16 weeks pregnant, seven years ago.

Mrs Weaver, who has four children, told the paper: "I was absolutely mortified about what they'd done, that they had disrespected my house in that way.

"It was not what they stole, it was the fact they had found my daughter's ashes in a drawer, played catch with them and then scattered them around.

"It's been seven years since I lost my daughter and I wasn't ready to scatter her ashes and they have taken that decision out of my hands."

She said the boys also put nappies filled with dog dirt in her cooker and fridge. They took a camera and stole bank cards.

Mrs Weaver said she hoped the boys, who admitted burglary and were given referral orders by magistrates who ordered them to pay £300 each in compensation, would learn from what they had done.