How Hannah murder case unfolded

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Here is a timeline of the case of murdered teenager Hannah Foster.


14 March

2250 - Hannah, 17, is seen by her friend Helen Wilkinson for the last time as she starts the short walk home after a night out in the Portswood area of Southampton.

2300 - Hannah makes a 999 call from her mobile phone but does not speak and the call is disconnected.

15 March

0530 - Hannah's mother, Hilary, gets up for work and notices that Hannah has not returned home. She texts her daughter and leaves a message on the phone at 0630 and 1035. Unable to contact their daughter and increasingly concerned, her father Trevor calls the police to report Hannah missing.

0930 - Sandwich delivery driver Maninder Pal Singh Kohli returns early to the depot of Hazelwood Foods after completing only half his round. He tells his boss, David Slater, he has a bad back and Mr Slater gives him a lift to his home in Broadlands Road, Southampton.

Later that day Kohli speaks to a friend, Balwinder Chahal, and tells him through tears that he is desperate to go to India because his mother is ill and he wants money for the flight. Mr Chahal does not give him the money.

16 March

1345 - Police receive a phone call saying that a 14-year-old boy has seen the body of a girl at the side of the road in Allington Lane, West End. It turns out to be Hannah. She has been raped and strangled.

17 March

Recycling staff in Portsmouth find Hannah's bag containing her mobile phone.

18 March

0430 - Kohli, in a bright blue turban, is seen on CCTV at Southampton coach station, boarding a service to Heathrow.

0845 - Kohli boards an Air India flight to Delhi just three days before he is to complete on the sale of his property, leaving his wife and two sons behind. At first he is sheltered by his family in the Punjab but later flees the area.

26 March

Detectives make an appeal on the BBC's Crimewatch programme for information to catch the killer of Hannah.

27 March

Kohli's supervisor at Hazelwood Foods, James Dennis, watches a recording of Crimewatch, makes a link between the appeal and Kohli, and calls the police.

2 April

Police make an initial DNA match from Kohli's family and DNA from Hannah's body.

3 April

An international arrest warrant is issued for Kohli.


10 July

Hilary and Trevor Foster travel to India to make appeals to find Kohli and launch a hotline for information. Hampshire Police put up a five million rupee (£60,000) reward - a massive sum in India - to catch Kohli.

15 July

A shaven headed Kohli is arrested in the poor farming community of Kalimpong, West Bengal, near the Nepal border, where he was trying to flee after Hannah's story receives massive publicity in India.

28 July

Kohli makes a filmed confession to an Indian television station, saying: "I abducted, raped and killed Hannah Foster. I want to unburden myself and tell the truth (about) what happened that night. I was totally drunk that night. I strangled her and killed her."

1 October

Extradition proceedings to bring Kohli home begin but the Indian national fights the process for nearly three years and accuses Hampshire Police of being racist.

Mr and Mrs Foster travel to India a further three times to keep the case in the spotlight.


28 July

Kohli finally returns to the UK after becoming the first person ever to be extradited from India to Britain. He is later charged with the murder, rape, kidnap and false imprisonment of Hannah.


13 October

Kohli's trial begins at Winchester Crown Court.

25 November

Kohli is found guilty of the murder, rape, false imprisonment and kidnap of Hannah.