I'm sorry, says son of Pink Floyd star who scaled Cenotaph

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The son of Pink Floyd guitarist Dave Gilmour has apologised for climbing on to the Cenotaph during Thursday's tuition fees demonstration.

Charlie Gilmour, 21, a history student at Girton College, Cambridge, could be questioned by police after he was photographed swinging from a flagpole on the monument. A 19-year-old has already been questioned about damage to the Cenotaph.

Mr Gilmour said he was "mortified" by his "moment of idiocy". He added that he wanted to express his "deepest apologies for the terrible insult to the thousands of people who died bravely for our country", and said he did not realise what the monument was.

The musician adopted Charlie upon marrying his mother. "I feel nothing but shame," Charlie Gilmour added. "My intention was not to defile the Cenotaph. Running along with a crowd of people who had just been violently repelled by the police, I got caught up in the spirit of the moment."