Jodi video shown in appeal for witnesses

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Police released a home video of the murdered teenager Jodi Jones yesterday in an attempt to jog the memories of possible witnesses.

Four days afterthe 14-year-old girl was discovered by relatives on a secluded woodland path near her home in Dalkeith, near Edinburgh, detectives said they were no nearer to working out her last movements.

They have received 400 calls about the attack on 30 June, but there were no confirmed sightings of Jodi after she left her home at about 5pm to meet her boyfriend, who is also 14.

Detectives said that they hoped the recent images of Jodi, taken from a family video, would lead to more information. Detective Inspector Tom Martin said: "We hope that these pictures will jog someone's memory about Jodi and help people identify fully with the scale of the tragedy.

"I think they show a picture of what kind of girl Jodi was - a typical teenager, a carefree and happy girl.

"Theyshow that Jodi loved life, was full of energy and had everything to live for but this was cruelly and viciously taken away from her by her attacker. She died in a most brutal attack which has left everyone shocked."

Police have not ruled out the possibility that Jodi knew her attacker, but have warned parents in the area to keep an eye on their children. The path that Jodi took was still cordoned off yesterday.