Killer's used 'badge of honour' to intimidate victim

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The killer of headmaster Philip Lawrence wore his murder conviction as a "badge of honour" and used it as a "weapon" in a cashpoint robbery soon after his release from jail, a court heard.

Learco Chindamo, 30, used his infamy to intimidate David Sexton, demanding money and claiming he had been "disrepected" when Mr Sexton said he did not recognise him as the man who stabbed Mr Lawrence in 1995, it was alleged yesterday.

Chindamo allegedly asked the victim: "Do you know who I am?" during the raid in Camden, north London.

Chindamo, 30, Gregory Jananto, 32, and Saeed Akhtar, 32, of Camden, all deny robbery.

The trial continues at Blackfriars Crown Court.