Law allows a 'notion of privacy', Campbell's lawyers tell law lords

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She turned up too late to present the Darkness with their award at the Brits on Tuesday night, but Naomi Campbell was right on time for her appearance before five law lords yesterday.

Ms Campbell made a low key entrance at the next stage in her legal battle with the Daily Mirror over allegations about her being a drug addict.

Her legal team argued that although the Daily Mirror was entitled to publish the fact that she was an addict, details of non-medical treatment and a photograph of her leaving Narcotics Anonymous were a breach of confidence and invasion of privacy.

The High Court had found in her favour, but the ruling was overturned by the Court of Appeal.

Yesterday, Andrew Caldecott QC, for Ms Campbell, quoted from previous cases which he claimed had established a development of the existing laws of confidence which amounted to "a notion of privacy in a general sense".