Lee Ryan assault charge withdrawn

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An assault charge against boy band singer Lee Ryan was withdrawn at the request of his partner when he appeared in court today.

The Blue star had been accused of assaulting Samantha Miller, 26, the mother of his young son, Rayn, as the couple drove through London's West End last Wednesday night.

But the charge was withdrawn at Ms Miller's request when Ryan, 27, of Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, appeared at City of Westminster Magistrates' Court.

Ryan spoke only to confirm his name, age and date of birth as he stood in the dock dressed in a grey suit, a blue tie and dark suede shoes.

After the assault allegation was read out by the clerk, prosecutor Laura Tams asked for the charge to be officially withdrawn following a request by Ms Miller.

She said: "I have this morning been handed a withdrawal statement dated August 25 signed by Samantha Miller.

"Having taken further instructions there is no longer a realistic prospect of conviction. I ask the court therefore to withdraw the charge."

Ryan's counsel, Raymond Lewis, said the pair met several years ago and had a two-year-old son.

He said: "This is a young man who has enjoyed considerable success in music from the age of 16. He is known and admired throughout the world."

The couple had been together "up until last week", he said, adding: "It has been a somewhat unhappy and volatile relationship."

Mr Lewis continued: "Over the last couple of years, complaints have been made on six occasions, in Oxfordshire, London, Paddington Green and Belgravia. None of these matters have ever proceeded to court."

His client's life had been "unbelievably difficult" over the last five days as the allegations were reported by the media, with Ryan receiving a bad press, he said.

He added: "Had this matter been contested, it would have been fought tooth and nail."

Judge Quentin Purdy confirmed the charge would be withdrawn following requests from Ms Miller and the Crown.

He said: "The allegation has been withdrawn and has not been proceeded with."

Mr Lewis said he intended to apply for costs on behalf of his client.

He said: "I am making this application for costs accrued over these nine days. He has done everything he can to clear his name."

Ryan made no comment as he left court.