Lorry driver attacked by Lego thieves

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A lorry driver was gagged, bound and abducted then abandoned by thieves who stole his load of Lego and beauty products, police said today.

The driver was asleep in the cabin of his lorry, parked in a layby at services on the A14 westbound at Kettering, Northamptonshire, when he was woken at about 4am yesterday.

Police said he was "gagged, tied up and forcibly removed" from the cabin and put in another vehicle.

A spokesman said: "He was transported to Staffordshire where he was abandoned, unharmed.

"His lorry was found in Merseyside, damaged by fire.

"A significant quantity of Lego and beauty products were stolen, with a high value."

Northamptonshire Police called for any witnesses or anyone who saw anything suspicious near the lorry - which had a "MAN" cabin unit with trailer attached - to get in touch.