Man fined for racism after calling Welsh people 'sheep s******s'


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A man who was fined for racially aggravated disorderly behaviour after calling Welsh people “sheep s******s” has claimed he was using the term to describe people who live in the countryside.

Anthony Taaffe, 47, was fined £150, deemed paid by his time in custody, following the incident at a holiday park in Wales.

According to WalesOnline Mr Taaffe had to be restrained by an off-duty police officer when he was seen swearing and shouting while drunk, a weekend special court at Llandudno heard.

The court was told that Mr Taaffe appeared to be drunk and had been swearing and shouting while children were present.

When security staff and an off-duty police officer intervened Mr Taaffe called them a 'bunch of sheep s******S'.

Mr Taaffe also pleaded guilty to a second offence when he called a police officer at the custody unit he was taken to a “Welsh sheep s*****r.”

The 47-year-old from Bolton pleaded guilty to the charges but told the court: “Calling someone a ‘sheep-s*****r’ is a term for people living in the countryside.”

In 2011 a man was convicted of racism after calling Scottish tennis player Andy Murray a “useless Jock”.

Darren Swain scrawled the graffiti at a sorting office.

In another incident in November of last year Czech-born Petra Mills, 31, of Monmouth, South Wales, was fined £110 for racially aggravated public disorder after calling her neighbour "a stupid fat Australian".