Man jailed for raping sleeping woman

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A man was jailed today for raping a legal worker after they had been drinking and she fell asleep.

Jason McIntyre, 35, was given and five-and-half-year sentence and told it would have been longer if he had not stopped when the woman realised what was happening.

McIntyre was found guilty of rape in July after the court heard evidence from the woman.

The Old Bailey was told they met in a pub in Watford, where they had been watching a football match between Watford and Newcastle United.

Later they went back to a friend's house where the victim fell asleep on a sofa after eating a takeaway. She woke to find McIntyre on top of her.

Judge Peter Rook told him: "She had never consented to this, nor was she in any fit state to consent. You took advantage of an intoxicated and sleeping woman."

The incident transformed the woman from a outgoing personality to someone with low-esteem who is afraid of men.

McIntyre, originally from Newcastle but now of Stockwell, south London, was told his licence period would be extended to four years and he would be on the sex offenders register for life.