Metropolitan Police officers launch 'largest ever' set of synchronised raids targeting suspected burglars and drug offenders


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At least 66 people have been arrested after the Metropolitan Police launched its largest ever raid on suspected burglars and drug offenders.

Over 1,000 officers took part in early-hour raids at more than 75 addresses; in what the Met called its biggest ever “pre-planned single arrest operation”. Those arrested are being held at various police stations pending investigation.

Officers worked with Tower Hamlets council and specialist police teams to conduct the raids, with addresses also being targeted in Haringey, Hackney and Brighton.

A huge haul of electrical equipment was seized as a result of the raids, with police saying around £100,000 worth of phones, laptops and other items were recovered. They added that “hundreds” of these items were now being returned to their rightful owners.

Chief Supt Dave Stringer, the Tower Hamlets Borough Commander, said: “Every break-in and every street snatch shatters lives whilst drug dealing can have a devastating impact on communities.”

Detective Chief Inspector Des McHugh, who led today’s operation, said: “These arrests follow a lengthy intelligence-led operation designed to combat criminal networks within Tower Hamlets and the surrounding boroughs.

“The operation has targeted those concerned in burglary, robbery, handling stolen goods and drugs. Other key suspects have previously been arrested and there will be further searches and arrests to come.

“I hope that this very visual crackdown will increase public confidence in the Met’s ability and desire to tackle the criminals who engage in or facilitate these deplorable crimes. I thank the local community for their support as well as Tower Hamlets Council for their financial and logistical backing.”