Mob attacks police officers with bicycle chains

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Three plain-clothes police officers were attacked by a mob armed with bicycle chains, bats and bottles after attempting to arrest a suspected knifeman.

The officers were confronted while attempting to detain a man they suspected of throwing away a knife.

As they held the man in Somerford Grove, Haringey, north London, up to 20 men appeared and attacked them. One officer was bitten during the fight.

The officers called for help on their radios and when back-up arrived the mob dispersed on foot and in a car.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said the three officers suffered cuts and bruising to their arms, one had a cut to his face and one had been bitten.

The bitten officer was taken to hospital as a precaution after the attack shortly before 8pm on Wednesday.

Two local men, unemployed Orlando McGreggor, 18, and scaffolder Daniel Preston, 22, were charged with violent disorder.

They were remanded in custody and will appear at Wood Green Crown Court on August 28. An 18 year-old man remains in custody.