Naomi Campbell: 'I have every sympathy for her'

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Like Naomi Campbell, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson sought help for her drug problem from fellow addicts, only to be followed by the press.

"I have every sympathy with Naomi Campbell," she said last week. "I feel for her because The Mirror did the same to me. In the end I could not go to Narcotics Anonymous meetings. They ruined my recovery."

A socialite once beloved of the tabloids, she has given lengthy interviews about the vast sums she spent on drugs. So shouldn't she blame herself if the press becomes a little prurient?

"It was certainly my fault that I had a habit, and yes, the drugs were illegal. But when you are trying to come off them, it's really important that you can go to meetings with people in the same boat. The Mirror jeopardised my situation, and instead of going to three meetings of NA a day I had to stop. I had to go for private treatment. These people don't seem to realise that for the sake of a story or a picture they are risking people's lives. I back Naomi's stand to the hilt."