People attending terror training camps will be barred from holding passport, says Theresa May


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People who attend terror training camps abroad will be barred from holding a British passport, the Home Secretary announced today.

Theresa May said the need to disrupt individuals who want to engage in terrorist acts abroad had become "increasingly apparent" and warned, in a statement to MPs, that British citizens had no absolute right to hold a passport. The Royal Perogative gives the Home Secretary to block them.

"Passport facilities may be refused to or withdrawn from British nationals who may seek to harm the UK or its allies by travelling on a British passport to, for example, engage in terrorism-related activity or other serious or organised criminal activity," said Mrs May.

Operation of the new policy will be carried out by the Identity and Passport Service, on behalf of the Home Secretary, and those who have their documents withdrawn or an application rejected will be informed of the reasons.

A Home Office spokesman said: "The decision to refuse or withdraw a passport in the public interest must be proportionate and will only be used sparingly."