Police 'know motive' in Dewani case

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The intrigue surrounding Anni Dewani's murder in Cape Town grew yesterday, as the local police commissioner claimed that a motive would be announced tomorrow.

It is expected to be disclosed in a London court on Thursday when Mrs Dewani's husband, Shrien, is set to appear before an extradition hearing in connection with her death.

Mr Dewani has been accused of paying hitmen £1,400 to kill his wife while on their honeymoon, but he denies any involvement and is opposing his removal to South Africa. During an interview with a South African news organisation, National Commissioner Bheki Cele refused to disclose what the motive was, but said that it "might come out on Thursday". He added: "We'll be having this hearing and if it needs to come out there it will be fine."

Police spokesman Colonel McIntosh Polela has adopted an aggressive tone in voicing his confidence that Mr Dewani will be extradited. At the weekend he said: "Instead of shutting up and following the process, Mr Dewani has, from his side, decided to defend his case from thousands of miles away, using PR to try to clear his name instead of coming here to do so in court."

He continued: "It doesn't matter how long it takes, in the end we'll have Mr Dewani [in the] full glare of cameras and then he will go to Cape Town to face the music. There'll just be him in the witness stand and his lawyer in the court."