Police marksman keeps job after having sex on duty


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A police marksman who had sex with another man’s wife while on duty avoided the sack because he had control of his loaded gun, even though it was on a holster around his ankles, a police force has ruled.

Gwent police said that PC Shaun Jenkins’ gun was never out of his “direct and immediate control” even after he dropped his trousers to have sex while his colleague waited outside in a patrol car.

PC Shaun Jenkins was initially given a written warning after a complaint by the woman’s husband. A file sent to the police watchdog and the husband removed any reference to a loaded gun.

When the husband complained, the force was told to order a full misconduct hearing which resulted in PC Jenkins being sacked – although he was later reinstated on appeal.

Tom Davies, for the Independent Police Complaints Commission in Wales, said: “The finding of the police appeals panel that the gun was never out of PC Jenkins’ direct and immediate control because it was in a holster, attached to his trousers, which were attached to him, albeit around his ankles, is surprising.

“I am also bemused by the panel’s conclusion that his conduct did not significantly downgrade the protection to the public because there was nothing to suggest he could not have been back in the police vehicle within a minute or two. These findings can only undermine public confidence in the credibility of the police discipline system.”