Police may be allowed to deploy 'two-shot' Tasers

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British police officers could soon be armed with more powerful "two-shot" Tasers, it can be disclosed.

The news comes a day after blind stroke victim Colin Farmer, 61, from Chorley, Lancashire, was hit with a 50,000-volt Taser stun gun by an officer who mistook his white stick for a Samurai sword.

The use of Tasers among UK forces has risen dramatically in recent years. Amnesty International has called for them to be restricted to a small number of trained officers. But West Mercia Deputy Chief Constable Simon Chesterman has revealed that the Home Office is assessing a new "X2" model currently being tested in the US. The weapon has two cartridges, allowing officer to target multiple offenders or take second shots if they miss, Police Oracle magazine first reported.

DCC Chesterman last night said the Home Office was "in the very early stages of examining" US trials. He added: "The implementation of any new Taser would also need the approval of the Secretary of State before implementation."