Postman shot in the head

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A postman was recovering today after being shot in the head with an airgun pellet while on his round, leading to the temporary suspension of deliveries to the area.

The Royal Mail said the attack, in Leeds yesterday, was "shocking and reckless" and it had decided to suspend deliveries to a number of addresses in the city's Clearings Estate area.

The postman felt a sharp pain in the back of his head, and fell to the ground bleeding heavily from the wound. He summoned help using his mobile phone and was treated in hospital. He is now off work recovering.

A Royal Mail spokesman said: "This was a shocking and reckless attack on a postman who was serving the community.

"We very much hope our colleague makes a full recovery and we are working with the police to ensure the culprit is arrested. We would urge anyone who has information about this attack to contact the police."