Pubs to put a check on Burberry

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The designer clothes favoured by football hooligans (and the Prime Minister) are being banned in some city centre pubs as part of a crackdown on alcohol-fuelled violence.

The police and publicans are compiling lists of upmarket clothing manufacturers, including Stone Island, Aquascutum, Henri Lloyd and Burberry, whose wearers will be barred because they have become the "uniform" of troublemakers.

At least one of the designers, Henri Lloyd, has called the ban a "ridiculous prejudice", pointing out that members of the royal family and Hollywood stars are among its clients. So are the winners of Britain's sailing gold in the Olympics. And Tony Blair was seen recently seen on holiday wearing a Burberry polo shirt.

In Leicester, two city centre pubs have drawn up a list of "hooli-wear" in an attempt to exclude young men likely to cause fights on their premises. Bans are already in place in parts of Cardiff, Liverpool and London.

The clampdown is part of a nationwide drive to reduce the number of fights in and around city centre pubs and clubs.

Constable Karen Holdridge, from the city centre's anti- violence and disorder team, said: "Well-known football hooligans have a particular dress code.

"These people are recognised as coming into the city centre day in, day out and causing trouble."