Radical preacher sent back to jail

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The radical Islamic preacher Abu Izzadeen has been recalled to jail after breaking the terms of his release, prison sources said today.

Izzadeen, who is otherwise known as Trevor Brooks, was jailed last year for four and a half years for inciting terrorism but released in May this year after his sentence was cut on appeal.

The 34-year-old gained notoriety when he heckled former home secretary John Reid at a public meeting four years ago.

He was found guilty in 2008 of urging worshipers at a London mosque to join the mujahideen to fight British and American troops in Iran.

But he is now back in jail after breaking the conditions of his release relating to good behaviour, prison sources confirmed today.

He was recalled after he swore at police officers who were checking that he was keeping to the terms set out when he was freed, the Sun newspaper reported.

A Ministry of Justice spokesman said: "We do not comment on individual prisoners."