Report into treatment of cannibal killer released

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The treatment of a schizophrenic who was allowed to live as an out-patient and went on to murder a friend and eat parts of his brain will come under scrutiny today

Peter Bryan was given permission to live in a hostel in north London where he could come and go as he pleased.

He had been admitted to a secure hospital after beating a shop assistant to death in 1993, but eight years later mental health experts decided he could live in the community under supervision.

In 2002 he moved to the hostel and at the beginning of 2004, social workers applied for his transfer to "low-support accommodation".

But four weeks later Bryan murdered his friend Brian Cherry, 43, and cooked and ate his flesh.

He was sent to Broadmoor after the horrifying attack, but within two months killed fellow patient Richard Loudwell, 59.

Today NHS London will publish two independent reports on Bryan's treatment by East London NHS Foundation Trust and West London Mental Health NHS Trust.