Sex party model jailed for beating girlfriend


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A male model was jailed for five years today for beating up his girlfriend after they attended an upmarket Killing Kittens sex party.

Swede Patrick Ribbsaeter, 32, was found guilty at the Old Bailey last month of causing grievous bodily harm to Wachirapom Sara-Pod.

Miss Sara-Pod, 35, who is also a model, was forced to flee her car wearing nothing but a fur coat after Ribbsaeter beat her up last October.

Trouble started when Ribbsaeter caught her in a toilet cubicle with another man at the Killing Kittens swingers party in Soho, central London.

Judge Richard Hone told Ribbsaeter: "You are plainly a man who is on occasions unable to control his anger and whose behaviour is out of proportion."

He said Ribbsaeter had demonstrated "sadistic pleasure" during the two hours he had attacked Miss Sara-Pod as he drove her towards her home.

The court heard Ribbsaeter was in breach of a community order imposed by magistrates a year ago for hitting Miss Sara-Pod, who is known as Anna, and damaging her car radio.

Ribbsaeter, of Streatham, south London, also had a conviction for assaulting a girlfriend in Sweden, but was cleared in London two years ago of assaulting the chauffeur of his former Saudi princess girlfriend.

Miss Sara-Pod was left with a haemorrhage in her right eye and extensive bruising and swelling on her face after Ribbsaeter flew into a jealous rage.

He denied hitting her and said he had not been jealous but just concerned because she was "wasted" after taking cocaine.

Ribbsaeter said: "It was a sex party. Everyone was having sex."

Camilla de Silva, prosecuting, told the jury: "This was a party called Killing Kittens, which for those of you not in the know is a swingers' party.

"This is where paying customers attend with a view to having sex with other people.

"Miss Sara-Pod went into one of the toilet cubicles with a male friend to take some cocaine.

"Mr Ribbsaeter also went into the toilet and found Miss Sara-Pod there. This angered him and there was an argument."

As Ribbsaeter drove her home later, he began "a prolonged and sustained verbal and physical assault" as he asked if she had sex with the man at the club.

Miss De Silva said: "At one point he stopped the car and grabbed her hair and hit her head against the console and window.

"The beating continued until at one stage he suggested they have sex. She agreed because she thought it would calm him down."

But after, he began attacking her again as they sat in the back of her Land Rover Discovery car.

"At one point he also put his hands around her throat pushing her head into the seat so she felt she was being choked. With blood in her mouth she found it hard to breathe," said Miss de Silva.

"This only stopped because he thought she was losing consciousness.

"He then got into the front seat again. She then took the opportunity to grab her coat and flee out of the car towards a garage."