Sexual assault victim who bit off attacker's tongue sees him convicted

Adele Barber, 28, was assaulted by Ferdinard Manila as she walked home last January

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The victim of a sexual assault who bit off the tip of her attacker’s tongue has seen him convicted after the DNA evidence she gathered helped police link him to the crime.

Adele Barber, 28, was assaulted by 28-year-old Ferdinand Manila, of Dunstable, as she walked home from a doctor’s appointment at 5pm in January last year, in Dunstable in Bedfordshire.

Ten years ago Mrs Barber was the victim of another sexual assault, but failed to convict the man after a lack of evidence.

This time would be different, she told This Morning presenters on ITV as she waived her right to anonymity to speak about the attack.

“I fought him off as much as I could and wanted to leave as much evidence as possible on his body and my body to show that it was not consensual in any way, shape or form.

“I wanted to gather as much evidence as I could - under my nails, by biting his tongue - so that police could catch him,” she told Luton Crown Court two weeks ago.

Running over a mile to her home, Mrs Barber’s first thought was to preserve the evidence – immediately ringing the police who advised her to place the piece of flesh into a sterile pot.

Presiding Judge Barbara Mensah praised the actions of Mrs Barber, telling the court: “It has caused serious psychological harm. His first victim took a big risk when she bit off a part of Mr Manila's tongue.”

Manila, who is mentally unwell, went on to grab a second victim that same day before police officers matched the DNA Mrs Barber had given them and arrested him two months after the attack.

He was found guilty of three count of sexual assault against two women and given an indefinite hospital order.

Manilla is currently being detained at a psychiatric hospital in Essex, where the Mail Online reported he continues to act inappropriately with staff.